Story of Yanxi Palace

Story of Yanxi Palace

Jul. 19, 2018
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The smart and witty Wei Yingluo enters the palace as a seamstress to find the truth behind her older sister’s death. Believing the imperial guard Fucha Fuheng to be her sister’s killer, Yingluo purposely attracts the attention of his sister the Empress Fucha, and is successfully transferred to Changchun Palace as a maid. Over time, she learns that the Fucha siblings are honest and kind-hearted people, and also develops romantic affections for Fuheng.

Though Wei Yingluo is not of noble birth, the kind-hearted Empress Fucha personally teaches her how to read and write, and encourages her to treat everyone with kindness. Though Wei Yingluo has reached a stable position as a trusted palace maid, she hadn’t forgotten that avenging her sister’s death was her top priority. After a long and secret investigation, she discovers that the murderer is a high-ranking noble in the Forbidden City, and sets the stage for the culprit’s death. Empress Fucha banishes her to the slave house before the Emperor could order her death, and Wei Yingluo is only freed after the Empress succumbs to illness.

Due to a series of events, Wei Yingluo becomes the Emperor’s woman, and is given the title of Consort Ling. Remembering Empress Fucha’s teachings, she embodies all the qualities of a virtuous consort, and supports the Emperor until death.

Original title 延禧攻略
First air date Jul. 19, 2018
Last air date Aug. 30, 2018
Seasons 1
Episodes 70
Duration 45m

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